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The importance of ID cards in schools

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The importance of ID cards in schools

A report commissioned by the UK Government states that some of the most prevalent types of school-based violence include bullying, discrimination, psychological and physical violence along with sexual harassment and assault.

Violence in schools, colleges and universities come not only from within but also from unauthorised visitors onsite. To reduce violent incidents and inhibit trespass on campuses both day and night, many educational institutions have adopted student ID cards. However, they can be an invaluable option for many other reasons.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of these solutions and how they can help safeguard students and staff onsite along with other associated benefits.

Identifying enrolled students and controlling access with ID cards

When ID cards are adopted, schools and colleges will find it far easier to identify students who are presently enrolled and separate them from pupils who are not, as well as those who may have had specific privileges removed. ID cards make it possible for current students to enjoy access to locker rooms, buildings, libraries, lecture halls and swimming pools as well as discounted facilities like cafeterias, student shops and parking areas. However, they equally ensure that those who are not enrolled cannot enter these areas on campus.

Issuing student ID cards and insisting that they are worn on-site can assist both resources staff and campus security to spot individuals who are no longer permitted to enter school or college grounds. As a result, such individuals can be swiftly and effectively removed from the site.

Making staff members easy to identify to increase safety

In an emergency on campus, it’s vital that students can quickly find staff members who are equipped and qualified to help them. School identity cards are designed to speed up this process making them extremely useful in time-sensitive situations. Along with showing clearly that a person is a member of staff, ID cards can play an important role in displaying key information on a staff member. ID cards can clearly show an individual’s position, skills, and privileges so students can get the right kind of assistance when they need it most.

Differentiating staff, students and visitors from each other with ID cards

With brand-new students and staff members becoming part of a school each year, it can take time for faces to become familiar. At such times, distinguishing students, staff and visitors can be difficult. School IDs can simplify this process. Cards and accessories, such as lanyards, can be colour coordinated for different types of campus users and clearly marked with “Student” “Staff” and “Visitor”. Using ID cards ensure that whether there is a disagreement, a fight or a fire, everyone on-site can be held responsible or be accounted for.

ID cards for granting and controlling access on campus

It’s understood that limiting access on campus is a vital part of a school or college's security. From access to your entire campus to restricting the use of specific buildings, ID cards can help control who can enter each area. Modern school security systems can use contactless ID cards, such as MIFARE® cards, that must be presented to a smart card reader, for individuals to enjoy access. School security, department heads and administrators can grant or revoke access rights as necessary and limit access to guests on-site. Being able to quickly present ID cards can also be useful for taking registers for class attendance, in emergencies or on school field trip.

Choosing the right ID cards for your educational institution

To ensure they are effective, identity cards should always be designed and printed by professionals. If you require student ID cards for your facility, ID Cards Direct can help. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote or to place an order.