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Pre-Printed Lanyards

Pre-Printed Lanyards are a fast and logical solution to securing your Smart Cards whilst also helping to secure your workspace. They do this through clearly displaying the role of the person wearing the lanyard, for example ‘Visitor’ can help your workforce recognise who should or should not be in high-security areas. Likewise, ‘Staff’ can help your consumers to identify swiftly who they can go to for help or information, in order to make the customer experience even better. Our Pre-Printed Lanyards are available in a variety of options, including titles such as ‘Governor’ and ‘Student’. + Read More

Pre-printed Lanyards are a logical solution, how? If your business is looking to boost security by employing Lanyards, and to do so with minimum disruption, it is a clear choice to go for Pre-Printed Lanyards. Ready-to-use, these Breakaway Lanyards could be being enjoyed promptly with the added benefit of Free UK Delivery on orders over £100.

ID Cards Direct will always strive to offer the best pricing, we do this through checking our competitors’ pricing regularly and ensuring we are the most affordable. If you do see any of the products listed for cheaper elsewhere, please contact us and we will be happy to verify a Price Match for you.

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