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Protect your organisation with antimicrobial cards, antimicrobial accessories and face masks

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Protect your organisation with antimicrobial cards, antimicrobial accessories and face masks

This year, we have been more aware than ever before of the importance of cleanliness and keeping ourselves and others safe and healthy, at home and in the workplace. 

There are some simple steps we have all been taking, such as washing our hands and wearing face masks when out and about. Reducing the spread of all kinds of viruses and bacterial infections has never been so important, and certain organisations need to display extra diligence. 

So how can you ensure that this is this easier for your own organisation? Making simple changes can really make all the difference! 

What does antimicrobial mean? 

Antimicrobial items are treated with a special additive which makes it harder for bacteria to cling to and grow on the treated surface. This means that the bacteria does not gather and cannot be as easily spread – the surface actively kills any bacteria which does collect, so your staff aren’t accidentally increasing the spread of these microbes. You can add many high-quality antimicrobial accessories to your organisation.

Antimicrobial cards

This is something that you may miss by simply not thinking of it. If your organisation runs an ID card system – meaning that your staff use a card to get in and out of the building, and around it – then this is another vehicle for bacteria. By making sure that you invest in antimicrobial cards, you reduce the spread of viruses and keep things that much cleaner. 

Antimicrobial lanyards and antimicrobial card holders

Bacteria is largely spread due to contact, and there are some things that we cannot help touching in our daily life. The best way to tackle this is by making the surfaces we touch as bacteria resistant as possible. When it comes to our working lives, our lanyards and card holders are something we touch often – to put them on and take them off, to use them, and sometimes just mindlessly. By offering antimicrobial versions, you can reduce the number of bacteria overall. 

Face masks 

A good face mask has become an essential part of our working and home life. If your staff members are required to wear a face mask during their shifts, you want to be certain it’s an effective one. Face masks with particle filtering ability are incredibly important for curtailing the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses and can help to protect everyone from everything from the common cold to more serious illnesses. Making sure that these are medical-grade and comfortable to wear is very important in keeping your staff both protected and happy. 

By switching out your standard items for these anti-microbial versions, we think you will find it simpler than ever for your staff to stay safer, healthier, and feeling more confident in coming to work.