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Contact Chip Cards

An incredibly effective tool for business, Contact Cards are able to work favourably for an organisation that relies upon easily-applied and secure Smart Cards. Data attached to the card is securely processed and enveloped within the chip and can then be used across a wireless network as far as the other side of the world! This gives you the flexibility of an amazing span in which to activate use of your Contact Chip Cards, and to have impressive mobility. + Read More

Whilst other Smart Cards contain components likely to wear out quickly, the chips contained on Contact Chip Cards are particularly long-lasting meaning that you can get maximum return on investment. How are Contact Chip cards typically used? Within most organisations, Contact Cards are used in Access Control however you can get imaginative with how you think it will be best employed in your business!

Our range of Contact Chip Cards are always of superior quality, and we consistently check our competitors’ pricing to make sure we are always offering the very cheapest price. In the event that you have seen any of our collection of Contact Chip Cards for cheaper elsewhere, simply contact us and our team will be happy to look into a Price Match promise for you. We place maximum importance on making sure we offer noteworthy customer service. Here at ID Cards Direct, we even offer Free Delivery on orders over £100 and a Lifetime Guarantee on all our products. So, we sincerely hope that you find everything you need today, and we assure that, if you do have any questions, a member of our ID Cards Direct Team will be happy to help.

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