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Laminating Printers

In order to make your ID Cards more long-lasting, laminating printers add a thin layer of protection which can safeguard against scratches and bends that can make your professional, sleek looking ID Cards look tattered and can shorten their life-span significantly. If you are looking to add this advanced protection to smart cards, magnetic stripe cards or other various more specific ID Card types then there are specialised lamination ribbons that can enable protection to be added to the areas of card where those particular technologies are not. + Read More

ID Cards Directs assortment of Laminating Printers come from the world’s leading ID Card Printing brands inclusive of Zebra, Fargo and Magicard! With these brands comes the comfort that you will receive the high-quality products that your business deserves, as well as the knowledge that the performance of the printer will be unsurpassed.

Need more help choosing a laminating printer, or just have more questions before making your choice? A member of our team of specialists would be more than happy to be of assistance as soon as you contact us. Plus, we even offer a Free UK Delivery on order over £100 so that you can get up and running as soon as tomorrow.

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