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HID Indala Prox Cards

Available in Curve, Arch, Wave and Linear Styles and a variety of colours, HD Indala Proximity Cards are a remarkable choice for access control security applications in particular. Usually credit card size, access control security is streamlined through these portable cards, meaning that when applied to your business or event, they can combine smoothly. Also noteworthy is the fact that these cards use 125 kHz, which means that they have a notable read range helpful for making access control speedier. + Read More

Although typically used for physical access control for the benefits aforementioned, HID Indala Cards are also a common choice for logical access such as identification of authorised users when using a computer system. Since you can get the HD Indala Prox Cards in a range of stylish designs, it is easy to combine these with your office to compliment a sleek design. In addition to other positives of these cards, the no-battery design of the HID Indala Proximity Card allows for an endless number of reads and defends against imperfections in either materials or workmanship.

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