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Why use Laminates for the printing of your ID Cards? In coating the surface of your thoughtfully designed and printed ID Card with laminate, it adds another thin layer of protection and therefore can protect against detrimental damage. In addition to this prolonging the life of your ID Card, it can also help to fortify the security of your business greatly. When employing ID Cards within your organisation, it is expected that the cards will be used frequently which can leave them prone to bends and scratches that could invalidate the card. Through using laminates however, you can make sure that all of your staff can use their cards effortlessly and unfailingly so as to increase security. In the same way, using Laminates also cuts down the costly outgoings of needing to repeatedly replace printer supplies for damaged cards. + Read More

As well as these remarkable benefits, Laminates will simply make your ID Cards look more professional. As your workforce or associates of your business wear the cards in public, a message about your business is constantly being spread. Using laminates can create the lasting impression of professionalism. Using Laminates aids you to keep your prints looking just as immaculate as they did on the day printed, so are a logical choice for businesses.

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