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Magnetic Stripe PVC Cards

Commonly referred to as Magstripe Cards, Magnetic Stripe PVC Cards are an ideal choice for the application of quick access in an extremely secure way for staff members. ID Cards Direct are pleased to provide the following selection of Magnetic Stripe PVC Cards, ranging from PVC 320 Micron Thickness all the way to PVC 760 Micron (Standard Credit Card Thickness). This gives you the freedom to choose the ID Card you require based on detailed specifications, even colour! + Read More

Our Magstripe Cards are available in Hi Co 2750oe and Hi Co 4000oe, these measurements simply measure the strength or intensity of the Magnetic Stripe PVC Cards. Hi Co Cards, otherwise known as High Coercivity Cards, are more resilient than other Low Coercivity Cards as data is more securely enclosed within the Magnetic Stripe of the card.  If you plan to use these cards for an application like quick access, one where it is likely the card will be relied upon for a longer time and is swiped frequently, this is the technology for you.

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