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6 reasons your organisation should use ID cards

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6 reasons your organisation should use ID cards

One of the things many companies are now using in their businesses is ID cards, which can be extremely useful when used to their full potential. If you're unsure about whether to start using ID cards or not, check out our list below for 6 reasons why your organisation should use ID cards.

1. Security

Security is the most obvious reason for businesses to implement an ID card system. ID cards can be used to access a building, so you can ensure that only employees or visitors have access to the building. You can even apply this to certain rooms, with different keycards only allowing certain people into some rooms, particularly if there is restricted access to certain areas. ID cards usually have pictures on them, meaning the identity of your employees can also be verified on entry if needed. This means that you can be sure that only verified people are allowed into the building, so you won't have to worry about theft from outside parties.

2. Fire safety

Another aspect to consider is that of fire safety, something which is very important for any business. If a fire (or some other emergency) occurs within the building, the use of ID cards means that a roll call of everyone signed into the building can be conducted at the fire safety point, so you can be sure of who was inside the building during the emergency. This would be useful for the fire brigade, as they will be able to determine if there is anyone inside the building who may need rescuing.

3. Professionalism

Wearing ID cards will make your organisation look more professional, both to those working there and the people they encounter outside the workplace. Using professionally designed ID cards will make them stand out even more, making your business look more attractive to potential clients and customers, which may help to increase your business. People are much more likely to want to work with you if your employees and organisation look professional, so using ID cards can increase your reputation and drum up new business at the same time.

4. Time cards

As well as the security aspect, ID cards can also be used as time cards. When your employees arrive at work, they can sign in electronically with their ID cards, leaving a log of their arrival time. This can also be done when they leave the building, logging their departure time. By implementing this process into your organisation, you can keep track of the comings and goings of your employees, which will tell you whether they are arriving to work on time and leaving on time. A report on arrival/departure times can be pulled every day, meaning you can easily keep track of overtime levels as well.

5. Advertise your business

Marketing is extremely important for any business, with ID cards being an easy and cost-effective way to market your business. If your ID cards and accessories, such as lanayards and holders, have the company name and logo on them, then your employees will be providing free advertising for the organisation wherever they go, so long as your employees remember to wear their ID badges outside of the office.

6. A confidence boost

By implementing ID cards into your business, your employees should feel more confident in the business and their work as a whole. The name of the employee should be printed on the ID card, meaning whenever they speak to someone that person should be aware of their name, which will make them more confident in the working environment. It also means that your staff will feel safer working in a secure environment, which may boost morale and improve their overall work performance.

It's important to have your ID cards professionally designed and printed, so if you're considering contacting an ID card company to make ID cards for your business, why not contact ID Cards Direct for a quote today!