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Badge Reels

For the ultimate portability of your cards, invest in Badge Reels. Using a retractable badge reel is a simple method of making sure your workforce can conveniently use your organisations Smart Cards, all whilst keeping them safe. Since the badge reels boast a spring-loaded reel, once the user has authenticated themselves they can just retract the reels back into their casing ready for use at a later time. For added accessibility, you can even clip the reel to your belt or at the end of your companies Lanyards. + Read More

These Badge Reels are ideal for the workforce that needs the added safety of a breakaway clip to protect against injury, such as within an industry where heavy machinery is used and could pose a danger if the ID Card was caught up within it. Another example of an industry wherein the safety of the breakaway clip is needed is where cards are frequently caught up or where there is possibility of attack, as the badge reel simply breaks in two when increased tension is applied.

At ID Cards Direct, we value the need for great quality accessories. That’s why the range you are able to browse today are all of the highest quality, and we even offer a Price Match promise to make sure you get the most reasonable price possible. If you do have any queries or would like for us to look into a Price Match for you today, please contact us

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