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What are the benefits of using photo ID cards?

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What are the benefits of using photo ID cards?

Identity and authenticity are more important than ever in today's society, as advances in technology are weakening both concepts online and in the real world. The ability to prove that you are who you say you are and that other people aren't you when they claim to be is becoming more and more difficult as scammers and fraudsters become more sophisticated. But with all the technology being deployed to combat bad actors, the most effective proof available is still the tried and tested identity card, especially when it has been brought up to date with the latest innovations.

Proving yourself

Unlike many countries around the world, the UK has no national identity documentation system and no official way for people to prove their identity. In most cases, a passport or driving licence is a serviceable stand-in, but there are many people who don't possess one or both of these documents, and so have no way to prove to casual observers that their identity is true and accurate. This can be a problem for many reasons, but not least in the rapidly growing gig economy, where casual workers aren't even provided with company-issued identification while they are going about their work. In scenarios like these, it's vitally important for people to be able to provide quick and reliable evidence of their identity to reassure customers or to avoid legal problems. The benefits that introducing ID cards into your own life, business or workplace are endless and stretch from simple name recognition all the way to loss prevention and security efficiency.

New technology

A photo ID can be a big step in legitimising yourself, your staff and your business, but the latest photo ID cards are so much more. Using new programmable cards adds a variety of extra layers of information behind the basics written on the card, which can be used to further verify your details or to provide extra information that makes business faster and more efficient. For example, cards can be checked against a computer system that provides all the information your company needs on a member of staff from their qualifications to their security clearances, allowing you to quickly make sure that they are who they say they are and that they are where they're supposed to be. It also makes it much easier to quantify which members of staff are on-site, and what their skills are so that you can more easily deploy resources to accomplish tasks. The security benefits of ID cards go way beyond even your own business and establish a better level of trust with clients and partner organisations too. Being able to demonstrate how seriously security is taken in your organisation, as well as the various levels of security that your cards allow you to put in place, means you are more likely to win contracts or extra work on the basis of that trust.

They may be one of the oldest forms of identification, but their versatility and their use of cutting edge technology make ID cards the ideal choice for any individual or business to prove their identity.