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Badge Straps & Clips

ID Cards Direct offer a selection of Badge Straps & Clips as a way to make your Smart Cards ever more accessible and convenient for all members of your business. In particular, Clips enable you to attach your Smart Card to a waistband, shirt pocket or any other part of the uniform to allow easy access whilst still obviously displaying the ID Card. Badge Straps & Clips act as a perfect security solution. How so? You can use these accessories in order to visibly identify members of staff as opposed to visitors within your workplace, or even colour coordinate the clips to show members of your workforce as belonging to their various team. Applying Badge Straps & Clips in this way can help to streamline Access Control procedures and to more absolutely ensure your business remains secure always. + Read More

Badge Straps act as a way of fastening your Smart Card to your Lanyard or Badge Reel in order to guarantee that your Smart Cards do not get lost. Investing in Badge Straps can in the long term save you the countless expenses of having to replace members of staff’s lost cards and wasted time.

We feel you are guaranteed to find what you need within our extensive collection of Badge Straps & Clips, but if you do have any more questions feel free to click contact us

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