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Card Readers

Card Readers act as a logical translator for all of the encrypted data contained within Smart Cards, and in doing so are crucial to implementing solutions for your business. Available to browse below are Smart Card Readers from globally leading brands such as Gemalto and HID Omnikey, Card Readers from such are made with precise accuracy and of long-wearing materials. + Read More

All of our range of Smart Card Readers are available in various formats so as to be able to fit into whatever role you require them for. This includes Pin Pad Readers, Smart Card Readers and Readers Boards/Modules to name just a few! Again, each of the readers are obtainable in variable forms such as desktop readers all the way to handheld so that you can get the most tailored solution available. Whatever your need for Card Readers, whether you plan to employ Logical or Physical Access Control, here is where you will find the Card Reader for you.

Need more help in choosing the right Smart Card Reader? No problem! Our team of Smart Card Specialists are ready and waiting to help, just contact us! Plus, if you need to be implementing your Card Readers as soon as possible, you could benefit from our Free UK Delivery on orders over £100 on all of our stocked items.

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