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HID Indala

Ever-advancing HID Indala Technology is used primarily for Proximity Cards but can also be installed in Tags and Clamshell Cards, significantly improving the security of your workspace. Operating at 125 kHz as standard, HID Indala Proximity cards provide a powerful solution for supplementary levels of security and access control. HID do this through utilising years of experience working in dominant sectors such as government, providing Access Control in places it is crucial, and using the technology within the HID Indala Cards. + Read More

An example of one such technology is HID Indala FlexSecur, whereby readers and cards are encoded as a distinctive set for each customer. This ensures that one customers’ reader cannot decrypt the data belonging to another customers card, ultimately adding an impermeable wall of extra security for your users. In fact, unintended or fraudulent entry attempts are almost entirely eliminated through this multi-level security feature! Even better than this is the fact that HID Indala Proximity Cards and Readers fortify your Access Control System for no extra cost, since this impressive technology is contained within each intelligent card.

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