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Antimicrobial Cards

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Expected delivery date: 03/Nov/2021 to 16/Nov/2021

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It's never been more important to help protect the people in your organisation from the spread of harmful bacteria, especially as the world battles the coronavirus (COVID-19). The newest addition to our ID range, Antimicrobial Cards, help provide peace of mind for your card users by reducing bacterial activity on the cards surface by over 99%. Available in range of popular technologies including NXP, Atmel, Infineon, EM Microelectronic and more, we can supply these cards blank white for you to print in-house or fully personised and encoded to your specifications.

How have we developed our cards to be antimicrobial?

Our cards have been specially designed to stop the replication and growth of bacteria on their surface. They are manufactured to the same high specifications as all our smart cards, with an extra additive introduced to the overlay on the surface of the card. It's this additive that gives the cards surface its antimicrobial properties. The additive, uses silver-based nano-technology that stops bacteria growth in three ways; it ruptures the bacterial cell membrane, immobilises the bacteria by depleting oxygen levels and destroys the reproductive receptor.

Silver, used widely in the medical industry for many years, is naturally antimicrobial and offer an array of benefits when compared with non-silver-based antimicrobials. This includes it's sustainability, superior durability, low MIC (minimum inhibition concentration – the level at which a material is effective against microbes) and bacteria doesn't develop resistance, unlike some of the non-silver antimicrobials.

Choose form a range of materials...

Our antimicrobial cards can be supplied in a range of materials to suit the needs of your organisation. These materials are PVC, PET and PPH Bio and each offer their own unique benefits. Keep the look and feel the same as your usual PVC cards, create an eco-friendly card with PPH Bio or add durability with PET. For more information on these material choices, talk to our specialists today!

Choose from a range of technologies...

We supply these cards in the same great range of technologies as our other smart cards. These include contact and contactless technologies such as NXP, Atmel, Infineon, EM Microelectronic, Alien and more. This fantastic range of technologies means that you can continue to use and order your cards in exactly the same way you always have, just let us know you'd like your cards to be antimicrobial.

Perfect for a wide range of applications...

Antimicrobial cards are a great addition to any organisation that uses for smart cards, however, they are particularly useful where multiple users touch the same card. An example of this is hotels, where a room key is programmed used by a guest and then returned to the hotel for use by the next guest. Another example of this would be a library or loyalty card that the user would hand to a clerk who scans the card to add points or let you check out a book.

For more information on these antimicrobial cards, or to request a quote, chat to a member of our team who will be happy to assist you.

*Backed by independent laboratory testing, test certificates can be supplied upon request.

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