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How to choose the right ID Card Printer

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How to choose the right ID Card Printer

Are you in the market for an ID Card Printer that will save you time and money on outsourcing printing, but you aren’t sure which printer you need to buy? Many people feel the same as you, and we are here to help you find the correct one for your business! Beyond the more self-explanatory choices like the colour and size of your printer, there are a number of features you need to take into account. In this blog we’ll take a look at some of the features desktop card printers offer.

Dual Sided or Single Sided Printing?

To decide this, you will need to take into account your specific requirements. Do you need to print on both sides of your Smart Card? If so, you will need to think about how many ID cards you require. If you need an ID Card Printer for very frequent use, and you need to be able to produce two-sided Smart Cards at a fast pace, you might decide it is worth investing in a dual-sided printer. If you are only looking at small numbers of cards printed on both sides, you always have the option of printing one side and then running the cards back through to print the opposite side!

Print Technology

Perhaps the more confusing part of deciding on which ID Card Printer is for you; deciding on which print technology you require. Here, we will discuss the various kinds of print technology and which goals they help to achieve.

Dye-Sublimation Printing – Dye-sublimation printing is a great way to keep costs low whilst keeping quality high. This type of printing uses a print head which prints through the ribbon and directly onto the card. Doing this ensures the colour reproduction is vibrant and accurate, which is a key component in choosing an ID Card Printer that will print to key brand colours and designs! In addition to this, dye-sublimation printing prints a thin layer onto the card which is called an overlay. This helps to protect the card against untimely discolouration and scratching, and also makes the cards water-resistant. So, what is dye-sublimation printing particularly talented at producing? We would say personalised ID Cards, as the fact that the print head can print through the ribbon at different temperatures in specific locations means that you can produce beautifully rich hues whilst also being able to rely upon consistently fantastic results. Something like our Datacard SD260 Single Sided ID Card Printer would be a great choice if you have decided to choose a Dye-Sublimation printer. The only slight downside to this print method is that it’s unable to print to the very edge of the card, so if your design requires this then you will want to consider retransfer printing instead.

Re-transfer Printing – This technology has been created with edge-to-edge printing in mind as well as premium quality colour reproduction and is a very popular choice. Compared to other print technologies, retransfer printing is known for creating a fantastic quality print and, whilst dye-sublimation printing will leave a small white border, re-transfer printers create a sleek and complete coloured card quickly. Another key feature of a re-transfer printer is the film coat which it bonds to the smart card, in comparison with other print technologies this is known to be one of the highest quality overlays available. This overlay offers more security to the card, as well as protecting it to a further degree. Re-transfer printing is a great choice for the business who wants to create a smart card which will use a full card design, and that incorporates lots of colour. It is also the only printer on which you can complete edge-to-edge printing. If you are looking for a retransfer printer, we highly recommend the Datacard CR805 Single Sided Retransfer ID Card Printer.

After you have decided on your print technology, you should spend some time to decide upon which extras you view as being the most helpful to your business. Each model will have varying different options available, such as a laminator which can help to further protect your cards that will be in use very frequently or something such as a holokote overlay as offered with printers in the Magicard range . If you would like any help in deciding which options would best suit you, simply get in touch with us today and one of our experts will be happy to assist you. After considering all of these options, including card technology, size and additional features, you will be best placed to make the best choice possible for your new ID Card Printer!