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Choosing the best ID card printer for your organisation

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Choosing the best ID card printer for your organisation

If your business regularly prints off ID cards for staff, students or visitors, then it makes sense to invest in your own ID card printer. This can be a more cost-effective and time-saving approach than having to constantly outsource the task to an external company. Of course, the key thing here is finding the best ID card printer to use.

The real secret is choosing one which suits the size and  card requirements of your organisation. There really is not much point in smaller businesses overspending on one which has features they do not need or handles big volume runs. By the same token, bigger companies will soon get frustrated by buying a printer that cannot handle what they need it for.

But which type of ID card machine should your business opt for? 

Entry level ID card printers

If you need an ID card printer for a small organisation, then entry level machines are the best choice. This type of printer is ideal if you only need to print a small volume of cards each year, such as employee ID cards and more. 

While these machines do not print cards as fast or have the extra features higher-end models do, they are ideal if quick printing is not essential and you only need to complete basic card runs on. They will still offer basic features though, like single sided card print with no encoding and allow you to bring ID card printing in-house. These machines are usually more compact which is perfect for smaller businesses. 

If you’re looking for an entry level printer then take a look at the Magicard Pronto 100 a lightweight, compact printer that offers fantastic value for money for small organisations and beginners.

Mid-range ID card machine

The best ID card printer for medium-sized companies is a mid-range machine. These are the option many organisations go for that may need to run off a few thousand cards per year.

A mid-level ID card printer will run off cards faster than entry level ones and have more features included. This can be anything from double-sided printing to encoding options and better security functionality. These printers are still relatively compact but will cost a little more than basic types whilst offering more features.

A great example of a mid-range machine is the HiTi CS-200e Dual Sided Printer that offers a wide range of benefits, whilst keeping print costs ultra-low. It gives you a range of upgrade options too – so you can encode contactless, contact and magnetic stripe cards. You can also choose to upgrade the connectivity to allow network printing via ethernet connectivity.

Enterprise level ID card printers 

If you are a large organisation such as a healthcare facility, university, or large enterprise that has the need to print more than a few thousand cards each year, then high-end enterprise models are for you. These have the speed and rugged design to handle this type of workload, day in and day out. 

They also offer unrivalled print quality which always looks amazing. Of all the ID card printers you could buy, these are packed with the most features. This is everything from card lamination, large capacity hoppers and feeders, high end visual security features, impressive print speeds and more. If you want a printer that offers superb functionality and huge capacity, these are the best option.

As an enterprise level organisation, take a look at the Fargo DTC5500LMX Dual Sided ID Card Printer. It offers superior print quality with lamination, multiple encoding options, fast print speeds and dual card hoppers as well as support for high-capacity full-colour ribbon and laminate consumables help to maximise productivity whilst ensuring printing costs stay low.

Find the best ID card printer at ID Cards Direct

Hopefully, the above has given you an idea of how to start finding the best printer for ID cards. Why not continue your search by looking at the various printers we have at ID Cards Direct? We have a wide choice of printers which are ideal for all size of business. Order online today or get in touch via Live Chat for more help.