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Multi-function UV Sterilisation Box

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Our multi-function UV sterilisation box is the perfect way to kill harmful bacteria on a wide range of items, from smart cards, to phones and keys, without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. We often forget just how many day to day items like these are harbouring harmful germs; in an recent article a GP revealed that you should be disinfecting bank cards weekly as they could be contaminated due to previous users all touching the same reader they are used in. A survey by Deloitte found that Americans touch there phones an average of 47 times, each day and another study showed that smart phones have been found to be TEN TIMES dirtier than a toilet seat. For these reasons alone it's hugely important to keep everyday items clean and that's where the UV sterilisation box comes in!

Our UV sterilisation box utilises UV light to kill-microorganisms on items inside it. The high frequency of the UV light, provided by dual bulbs, vibrates the nuclear material of these pathogens so aggressively that it kills them and prevents them from re-producing properly. This technology is proven to kill 99% of harmful germs.
UV light is proven to kill cold, flu and most, if not all, other viruses and has been used by the medical community for many years to disinfect surgical instruments and medical equipment. This UV sterilisation box allows you to harness the power of UV disinfection in your own organisation or home.

Product Features & Benefits

• Effective UV Sterilisation: The UV steriliser box features dual UV bulbs on both sides of the box allowing it to achieve 360° sterilisation of objects inside. The bulbs operate at a wavelength of 253.7nm and a cleaning efficiency of over 99%, to disinfect your items safely and effectively.

• Wireless Charging: Charge your devices whilst you sterilise them – the UV steriliser box features a built in wireless charger allowing you to charge compatible devices.

• Large Capacity: The box measures 22 x 12 x 5cm with internal dimensions of 18 x 10.5 x 3cm, allowing you to sterilise a range of items, including phones up to 7.2 inches (which is almost all smart phones, even the PLUS sized variants).

• Easy Operation: Simply plug the UV steriliser box into a USB outlet using the supplied lead, place your items into the box and press the sterilise button. The short cycle will then run and the blue light display on the front of the box will show progress of the disinfection cycle. Its lightweight design means it can be easily transported and used for a variety of purposes.

• Aromatherapy Function: The UV steriliser also features an aromatherapy diffuser allowing you to both sanitise and fragrance your items. Simply add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils to the pad in the middle of the device. Leaving your items smelling fresh.

Would you like to find out more about our UV sterilisation box? Get in touch with us today and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

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