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Protecting your care home with antimicrobial cards, antimicrobial accessories and PPE

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Protecting your care home with antimicrobial cards, antimicrobial accessories and PPE

It is estimated that there are over 20,000 care homes in the UK who help to make daily life easier for their residents. These homes help a range of people, including the disabled and the elderly. Without care homes and the dedicated staff who work in them, the state of UK social care would be much worse.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the sector and put care homes right in the front line. This has certainly been seen in locations with elderly residents, who are more clinically vulnerable to COVID. As a result, cleanliness has become more important than ever. This not only helps to protect care home staff and residents but also any visitors. 

As well as establishing new COVID safe working practices, this has seen homes use enhanced cleaning regimes to cope. It has also seen antimicrobial items and PPE kit used by homes to reduce the spread of germs. But what are they exactly? 

What are antimicrobial items? 

Antimicrobial items come with a special additive treatment. This additive makes it tougher for bacteria to stick to the item or multiply on it. The net result is that germs cannot gather or be spread about. In essence, the treated surface kills any bacteria it comes into contact with. For care homes, this is vital so staff do not spread germs when carrying out their duties.  

But what antimicrobial items may come in handy for a care home setting?

Antimicrobial ID cards

If your care home operates on an ID card set-up, do not overlook how important using antimicrobial cards is. As staff use ID cards to get in and out whilst also wearing them around the building, using antimicrobial ones is a must to stop bacteria collecting on them. Investing in this type of card will not only protect your residents but also stop staff from being put in danger as well.  

Antimicrobial accessories for care homes

A major way in which bacteria gets spread in any care home is via contact. This can be tricky to solve though as some things are necessary to touch when working. Two classic examples are lanyards and cardholders. These two accessories can be magnets for bacteria to collect on though, as staff have to wear them during their shift. With this in mind, it is wise to invest in antimicrobial accessories (like cardholders and lanyards) to keep everyone safer. 

PPE kit for care homes

One major shift in care home procedures due to COVID is the need for staff to wear PPE kit at work. Of course, it is key to invest in the best quality supplies for them to use. This will help to keep them safe and also stop them from spreading germs to residents or visitors. Antimicrobial face masks with particle filtering abilities are a great choice. This is because they reduce the airborne transmission of bacteria and help make staff feel extra confident at work when wearing them. 

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