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Is it really worth investing in an Access Control system?

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Is it really worth investing in an Access Control system?

Across the world there are companies using the traditional lock and key method to secure their business… why should your business be any different?

 Within this article, we will be taken a closer look at the merits which make Access Control systems an ever-growing choice of security across the globe.

 Why move away from Traditional Lock and Key?

 As businesses grow ever more modern, more and more people are choosing to move away from the lock and key method. This is because it can be difficult to locate the keys in larger buildings and can be much more difficult to replace once lost.  In addition to this, where multiple employees need access to a building, it is much safer to equip each member of the workforce with an Access Control card rather than leave doors open for easy access.

 However, investing in an Access Control system is a notable investment for a business. It can be difficult to justify investing in a modern Access Control system when the venture itself does not contribute to any specific goals your business may have, especially for smaller businesses. That is why it is so important to select what you install carefully. So, what should determine which Access Control system your business should invest in?

 Things to Consider

 Once you have decided to install an Access Control system you will need to decide upon the requirements for your business. This will include decisions like which reader, lock and cards are right for you.

 An important first step when choosing your Access Control system is to consider what the card application will be. This is imperative as it will help you to determine which card will work the best. You might consider using your cards for ID, Access Control, cashless vending or print management amongst other applications.

It is essential to always consider the long-term security of your organisation and so the next thing to consider when selecting your access control reader is just that; how secure does your card need to be? There are a range of choices you can make to determine the security of your cards; these include features such as holofoils or an encoding specification.

You will need to consider how much security your building and employees require in order to choose these features correctly for your business.

 The number of doors that your business requires as part of the access control system is another key aspect of selecting the right setup. Some businesses prefer to secure only one main door as this can keep costs lower. Alternatively, you can choose to secure only rooms which require verification to enter. Whilst other organisations opt to secure every door for maximum security within the building.

 One of the final things to consider is whether the cards and readers you choose have a seamless upgrade path. If the cards and readers that you choose can be remotely upgraded, you will find that you are able to keep up with security demands easily without having to replace your software or firmware too often!

 Choosing the right Card Reader

 Most of the time when companies are choosing the card reader, it will be installed based on the aesthetic of the reader. We recommend not compromising a great choice for your business simply for the overall design, as this is a short-term view and will make your reader far less cost effective.

 You also have the choice to select your readers based upon which can have their firmware and software upgraded remotely so as to accommodate newer card technologies. These readers are more expensive; however, they are a much smarter investment as they will last much longer.

 When new card technologies are brought to the market your business can just replace the cards with your new card technology, remotely upgrading the card readers to support this new technology.

 When you choose your card reader according to this capability, your access control system becomes remarkably more cost effective and can keep up with the varying security demands you have.

 Is it really worth it?

 After considering the many security benefits that an access control system can bring to your business, it is clear to see the value that an access control system offers. Not only are you able to further protect the contents of your business, and to create highly secure areas in your building which require verification, but you are also able to create a safe working environment for your employees.

 In addition to the security benefits of an access control system, you can also invest your money in card readers which are adaptable, and which prolong your access control even further as you can upgrade the readers to suit new and improved card technologies. These incredible capabilities help you to have an access control system which is powerful and long-lasting. Teamed with products like that available at ID Cards Direct, an Access Control system is an invaluable tool for all businesses!