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Improve your hotel for summer!

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Improve your hotel for summer!

Are you looking for an easy, effective way to improve both your guests experience and employee’s happiness this summer? In this blog, we will be talking about arguably the fastest and most direct way to do this – by means of Access Control products!

Although many people might feel as though smart products could do nothing to help guests have a drastically better experience, there are in fact many ways in which the largest hotel chains in the world utilise this technology to do just that. The first way is with personalised ID Cards for staff.

Why use personalised staff ID cards?

You can choose to personalise ID Cards in a huge range of ways such as selecting the right shade of colour for your branding, including images of your staff, details and even adding security features like holographic foils which help prevent fraudulent card reproduction. Hotels globally use these personalisation techniques to build trust in their hotel, creating a safe and secure environment in which guests can be sure that they are protected.

Not only do they create a safer feeling environment for guests, in which they can be familiar with your staff members, but they also help to secure your employees. Your hotel staff will be able to recognise a non-staff member within the hotel instantly, ensuring it is much less likely for a security breach to go unnoticed.

Hard-Wearing Access Control Cards

In a world of traditional lock-and-key, make your hotel stand out with futuristic access control cards. Proximity Cards are particularly great for hotel access cards as they don’t actually come into contact with the reader, which means that they are protected against bends and scratches which are more common with other types of cards that need to be inserted into a reader. A hugely popular choice of access control cards, HID proximity cards are created with high-security in mind and are also very hard-wearing. Alternatively, promising all the same high-security and quality materials, have a look at the SwiftProx range for a more affordable choice!

Access control cards are another invaluable way in which to make your guests feel and be more secure. They are also a cheaper alternative to traditional lock-and-key in the long term, as replacing keys can be costly.

RFID Wristbands – A handy tool!

RFID wristbands, like those that can be found here, are an amazing and versatile tool for hotels. They are especially popular for implementation in leisure facilities, such as the spa or pool, to help protect against unauthorised access or to keep belongings safe. RFID wristbands can be purchased in a range of colours, which means that they can be tailor made to fit into the surroundings of your hotel perfectly! This, combined with such modern technology, creates a luxurious experience for all guests and are a practical investment for the hotel as they are less likely to be lost. Because they are created using silicone, RFID Wristbands are one of the most hard-wearing Access Control products on the market and are completely waterproof! They are so easy to use that even less tech-savvy guests are sure to appreciate the security and ease of use offered by these wristbands.

So, what are the overall benefits?

In this blog we’ve looked only at a small selection of Access Control products which help to create a better overall experience for your guests, but there are so many more possibilities! Whether you want to add to the professional look of your brand with personalised lanyards, or save money in the longer term by investing in a card printer, you can tailor your approach to these products in a way that will bring maximum effect to your hotel, at minimum cost.

Products like well-made, personalised staff ID’s help to protect your employees whilst also reassuring your guests. This is a fantastic benefit as all visitors to your hotel will feel positively about their security, which in turn will lead to a better experience. If your hotel has spa facilities, why not look at RFID wristbands for an easy way to make sure only authorised guests can enter? These modern and attractive products can be made in a range of colours and will help make your facility stand out! As mentioned earlier, access control cards from brands like HID and SwiftProx can enable your guests to feel completely safe as they enjoy their stay within your building. With all of these undeniable benefits being harnessed by the best hotels all around the world, what is stopping you investing in your hotel?

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