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How can you personalise your lanyards?

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How can you personalise your lanyards?

If you are looking to personalise your lanyards but aren’t sure where to start, look no further! Many businesses use lanyards in their everyday business life but aren’t optimising their use of such assets to their full potential. In this blog, we will be discussing all the ways in which you can personalise your lanyards to give them a professional, appealing look and the benefits of doing so.


One of the more obvious choices, selecting a colour is the first step in creating any attractive lanyard. You can merely choose to opt for a bright and noticeable colour or, a more popular choice, stick to your brand colours. Doing so will make your cards instantly recognisable as belonging to your business, which can go far in leaving a lasting impression on those that see them. Not only will this help increase brand awareness, but you will also be reflecting you have a modern, proficient business.


Any business will benefit from more exposure of their name or slogan, and by utilising lanyards with customised text for your organisation you have an additional way of getting your name out there! In addition to adding your name or slogan, you can also cleverly use the space to display your organisations contact details. You can see this method being used by many businesses as it is a great way to generate new customers, especially if you are buying lanyards to use at an event you are hosting. This simple and inexpensive personalisation technique can really be invaluable!


Perhaps the singularly most used personalisation method, adding your clearly recognisable logo to a lanyard is a fantastic way to spread awareness whilst adding a professional touch to your employees’ uniform. Logos are the best way to create a memorable brand image, and so adding them to the lanyards is a logical choice. Using our handy lanyard configurator, you can simply select to add a repeat image to the lanyard if you wish to display your logo multiple times.

As you can see from discussing three crucial parts of personalisation, there is a lot that can be done with a simple lanyard. In addition to these however, there are even more ways to customise your lanyards. You can choose the width of your lanyard to suit the amount of text or size of image you will be adding to it. Additionally, you can choose to go for full colour dye sublimation print to really capture vivid colours and make your designs stand out as much as possible! Making sure to take advantage of all these ways to customise your lanyards will help you gain access to the benefits discussed above, allowing additional advertising and a great overall look for your business. Start benefitting from lanyard personalisation today, check out our online lanyard configurator!