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Going Green with Eco-Friendly ID Cards and Accessories

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Going Green with Eco-Friendly ID Cards and Accessories

It's time for change. Every day approximately 8 MILLION pieces of plastic find their way into our oceans, so it's time we did everything we can to reduce the amount of plastic we use. But how can that be done with smart cards?

When it comes to smart cards and the associated accessories there are more ways than you may think to become more eco-friendly. Today we'll explore some of the ways in which your organisation can become more eco-friendly, whilst still using the secure ID technologies you trust for your business.

Make the move to recycled & recyclable materials

When you're considering ordering your next lot of smart cards, why not consider recycled PVC cards? These are available in a wide range of popular contact and contactless smart card technologies and are ideal for organisations that need plastic ID cards but want to support eco-friendly initiatives. The recycled plastics that these cards are made from save used plastic from entering landfill or ending up in oceans. They use less energy to produce, lowering CO2 emissions, whilst offering the same characteristics as virgin PVC cards.

There are also many accessories on the market that are either made from recycled plastics, or that can easily be recycled. A great example here are the popular Evohold® ID card holders – these can be recycled once they reached the end of their life. In addition, these can be paired with eco-friendly lanyards, which are made from recycled materials.

Paired together, these cards and accessories allow for a green solution to the smart card requirements for a wide range of organisations, without the need to move to a new technology or card material.

Make a statement with wooden cards

Who'd have thought we'd ever see a move away from plastics to wood for our smart card needs? These, new-to-market smart cards offer the same great technologies as many popular contactless cards that are available in plastic but promote a greener way to secure access to organisations, worldwide.

So how are they more eco-friendly? Well, aside from the obvious reduction in earth-polluting plastics, the wood they are made from is sustainably sourced and FSC certified, meaning that there is little environmental impact.

Our view – they're are great way to help save the environment, whilst making a statement with truly unique cards. Ideal for organisations using contactless technologies.

PPH Bio, a newcomer to the market

PPH Bio cards, are perhaps that latest addition to the eco-friendly alternatives available to replace traditional PVC smart cards, and are made from a wood pulp hybrid.

These cards are the ideal choice for organisations that don't require the sturdiness of PVC cards and want to make a positive environmental impact, whilst continuing to use the contactless technologies they've become accustomed to for all their security needs.

PPH Bio cards are a great alternative to contactless PVC cards, where strength and durability isn't a key requirement. They're both 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

So, there you have it, a range of smart cards and accessories that allow organisations to take a stand for sustainability and promote a healthier future for our planet, without compromising on security.

We're here to help with going green

At ID Cards Direct, we can offer all of the above eco-friendly smart card options. Simply chat to our friendly team of specialists to find out more.